Case Study

Musk Metals'
Successful Engagement
with Senergy Capital

Highlighting the impact of targeted marketing campaigns on market activity and stock performance

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Background Introduction

Musk Metals Engages Senergy

Musk Metals Corp. (CSE: MUSK) engaged Senergy to provide investor relations and marketing services specifically to highlight the potential of the company’s mineral projects to a new group of investors through pay-per-click advertising and video marketing. The engagement was announced on April 5, 2024

Campaign Commencement Introduction

Initiation of Collaboration

The collaboration officially commenced on April 15, 2024, with weekly planning sessions to define the campaign strategy. Senergy designed a multi-faceted approach, leveraging paid media campaigns to drive investor interest and trading activity. The paid media campaigns were launched on May 2, 2024, with a campaign budget of $18,000 allocated over 30 days


Campaign Impact

The marketing campaign had a substantial impact on Musk Metals' market activity and stock price performance over the 30-day period from May 2, 2024, to June 2, 2024

Initial Impact

On the day of the campaign launch (May 02, 2024), Musk Metals experienced a significant surge in trading activity with 760,000 shares traded in the absence of company news or involvement from other marketing groups. This impressive volume was a direct result of our campaign's efforts. During the first week of engagement, $MUSK.CN recorded the highest number of trades and trading volume within a single week

Number of Unique Trades
Shares Traded

Overall Campaign Performance 30 Days

The marketing campaign had a substantial impact on Musk Metals' market activity and stock price performance over the 30-day period from May 02, 2024, to June 02, 2024

Total Shares Traded


Total Trading Value


Number of Unique Trades

record-breaking number of trades per month

Stock Price Performance


Stock Price Milestone

During our campaign, the stock price touched $0.05 for the first time in six months


The significant increase in trading volume and stock price during the 30-day campaign underscores the effectiveness of Senergy's marketing strategy

Total Shares Traded

The campaign resulted in 2,926,394 shares exchanged (excluding OTC: EMSKF), translating to a trading value of CAD $108,795

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

590% ($18,436 invested in media buying generated $108,795 in buy-side trading volume) [108,795 ÷ 18,436 ad spend]

Stock Price Appreciation

The stock price doubled, reaching $0.055, a milestone notachieved in the previous six months

Investor Engagement

The heightened trading activity and stock price performance reflect increased investor interest and confidence in Musk Metals

6-Month Trading Volumes on $MUSK.CN

Senergy launched its paid media campaigns in May 2024, concluding on June 03, 2024

PeriodShares ExchangedTrading Value
Nov 01 2023 to Nov 30 202386,565$3,444
Dec 01 2023 to Dec 30 2023503,062$13,939
Jan 01 2024 to Jan 31 2024293,499$8,803
Feb 01 2024 to Feb 29 2024340,547$11,195
Mar 01  2024 to Mar 31 2024834,335$23,193
Apr 01 2024 to Apr 30 2024912,164$20,251
May 01 2024 to Jun 03 20242,926,394$108,795

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